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Lightroom Tutorial – Colored Vignette

Several years ago, I saw a video tutorial from Matt Klowskoski that showed how to use the adjustment brush and exposure to create a vignette effect and drawing your eyes attention to the subject.  Well a friend of mine asked on our Middle Tennessee Shutterbug Facebook group if there was a way to add a colored vignette using Lightroom.  I’ve never seen a way to do that, but I think this just might be a great work around for the effect she was looking for.


1) After you have done the editing that you want to do, create a virtual copy of your photo.  you don’t have to do this, but for me it gives me a way to look at before and after

2)  Step #1 click on the adjustment brush located in the upper right corner of the Develop Module. Step #2 click to the right of the word “effect” and a drop down menu will show up.


3) Using the drop down menu, click on color.


4) The color pallet will show up next.  Using the eye dropper tool, choose the color you would like the vignette effect to be.


5) Step # 1, turn off the button marked “Auto Mask”, and set your brush size to a size that will cover the entire photo..


6) At this point you want to take your adjustment brush and paint on the photo.  Now it might not look as if much is happening and that’s OK.  A nice little shortcut is to press the letter “o” on your keyboard.  This will turn on the overlay mask and you can see where you are painting.  To turn it off, just press the letter “o” once again.


7) Play around with the exposure slider to get the desired darkness you are trying to achieve.  You can also play around with the other sliders as well =)


8) Now the fun part, click on the “erase”  tab right below the color picker, reduce the size of your brush and erase the darkness from the middle of the photo.  I’ve found that after I do this, I can go back to the exposure slider and fine tune the vignette effect.

Well, that’s how I think you can add a colored vignette to a photo within Lightroom.  There probably is a better way, this was just the first one that came to mind!


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