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P-52 – Sweet Shot Tuesday

Posted on Jan 4, 2013 in BIB Blog, Project 52 | 1 comment

It’s been a while since I did this and just thought the time was right.  So here’s my P52/Sweet Shot Tuesday entry for this week!

Now, how did I do this?  Why my normal processing technique!  Not really, this is an HDR made from one single image.  I found a plug-in for LR that allows you to create virtual copies of a photo, based on your presets.  So for example say I wanted to see what a photo would look like using one of the B&W preset folder in X-equals.  I would run this plug-in and it would create 3 virtual copies of the pic, while not taking up any room on my hard drive, and I could see what all 3 would look like.  So I took that thought one step further and created 3 folders of presets.  Folder #1 has the following exposure fixes in in (-1, 0, +1), I did the same for a 5 shot bracket and a 7 shot bracket.  That turned around and gave me virtual copies of the single image with different exposure settings, thus allowing me to take a single shot , turn it into a 5 shot bracket and then run it through Photomatix Pro, Photoshop, and OnOne!  Viola!


The plug-in is called Excessor and is shareware.  I am definitely gonna contribute to this guy, cause it is the bomb!  Think about it, new life from old single shot exposures!


The upside is, you can run this plug-in, then merge to 32 bit HDR and then bring it back into LR and have doubled your slider info!  Here are a couple more I did the same way!  do we need another private class?  No more ghosting because of camera shake!  Can you tell I’m excited over this?



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  1. Your wedding shots are stunning!

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